Holy Ghost Tent Revival

Holy Ghost Tent Revival play a well-tempered brand of indie rock that calls to mind a broad, venerable range of influences. Their sound boasts a hybrid of musical styles executed with precision by the multi-instrumentalist members. The session’s first track channels the strolling flow of Nick Drake, while the vocals of “Telephone Wire” seem to summon the spirit of Lennon. The delivery, of course, is truly unique.

The band’s Audiotree set evidenced their ability to structure a performance that maintains momentum, continually introduces new elements, and just makes you want to move, from song to song. With their unique nod to classic rock blended with indie quirk, Holy Ghost Tent Revival is a band whose live performance is sure to leave an impression on any live music enthusiast.

Session Tracklist
1. Sun/Shadow
2. Broken Spirit
3. Trouble with the Truth
4. Telephone Wire
5. Right State of Mind

Greensboro, NC

Band Members
Stephen Murray - Guitar and Lead Vocals
Matt Martin - Guitar and Vocals
Kevin Williams - Bass and Vocals
Hank Widmer - Trombone and Clarinet
Charlie Humphrey - Trumpet
Ross Montsinger - Drums

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For our friends who live in countries where YouTube is blocked, watch the session on Vimeo.