Forrest Kline has been writing under the name Hellogoodbye for over a decade. Beginning as a high school bedroom project, Hellogoodbye has gone through many style and line-up changes resulting in the sound they represent today. Through the use of ukelele, distorted guitars or keyboards, they’ve always created sugary and enjoyable pop music. The beachfront and warm summer nights are clear influences on this Huntington Beach, CA quintet.

Their new record, “Everything is Debatable” is the grooviest record to date. Using synth powered floor-stompers and dance-able guitar chugging to get its rhythm going. Kline’s wit and sass remains at the forefront of their vibe, his lively attitude constantly cultivating the lovable sound they exude.

Session Tracklist
1. The Magic Hour is Now
2. How Wrong I Can Be
3. All of Your Love
4. Just Don't Let Go, Just Don't
5. (Everything Is) Debatable

Long Beach, CA

Band Members
Forrest Kline – Vocals, Guitar and Synth
Andrew Richards – Guitar and Synths
Michael Nielsen – Keys and Synth
Augie Rampolla – Keys and Bass
Michael Garzon – Drums

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