Mandolin Orange

Mandolin Orange are a two-piece band from Carrboro, NC who write peppy roots music with strong vocal harmonies. Between vocalists a deep connection is evident; they trade diverse vocal efforts with precision. Andrew Marlin’s voice pours out good news in somber tones while Emily Frantz shares stories in soothing melancholy.

2013 release, “This Side of Jordan”, presents MO’s strongest songwriting. Not bogged down by genre cliches, they’ve achieved a starkly organic use of symbolism and metaphor. Being raised in a Church culture brings out lyricism filled with subtle references to the subject matter riddled with dry humor. Shifting between mandolin, banjo, and acoustic guitar, this country-pop duo is one of the best in their class.

Session Tracklist
1. Cavalry
2. House of Stone
3. There Was a Time
4. Train Song
5. Boots of Spanish Leather (Bob Dylan Cover)

Carrboro, South Carolina

Band Members
Emily Frantz – Vocals, Fiddle and Acoustic Guitar
Andrew Marlin – Vocals, Acoustic, and Mandolin

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