Baby Baby

Baby Baby is an explosive, unpredictable, and riotous rock group. They’re equal parts hip hop, british invasion punk and day drunk millenium alternative.

Their official bio as written by Gun Party reads, “Quit hatin. These dudes are fun. Raucous party tunes. Sometimes feete shufflink, sometimes a touch of metaltastic. These guys like hard work and ball sweat. If you haven’t started moving yet, then you are really really running out of excuses at this point. Save your excuses for when you need them, like the next day when you were supposed to meet this cute girl for coffee at eleven AM, which you make but then have to explain your godawful smell because you met her at bible study and want her to think you are something that you are not.”

Baby Baby has proven to the rock world that they are next huge party band.

Session Tracklisting
1. Turnip
2. Keisha
3. Quarter-Life Crisis
4. A Short Little Summer Love Song
5. Fire

Band Members

Fontez Brooks – Vocals, Guitar
Colin Boddy – Percussion, Vocals
Grant Wallace – Drums
Ryan Burruss – Keys, Vocals
Hsiang-Ming Wen – Bass, Vocals

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For our friends who live in countries where YouTube is blocked, watch the session on Vimeo.