Young Buffalo

Young Buffalo come from Oxford, Mississippi, but they could just as easily have come from Oxford, England. They could be part of that new-ish Blessing Force scene. Rather than sounding American, they recall one of those British bands from 2007-8 who merged indie jangle with the tempos and textures of Afrobeat. We can’t remember any of their names but we’re sure they were good. Young Buffalo are so young – the trio are aged between 19 and 21 – they probably think they’re reviving some ancient, lost art. The exuberant unison vocals, the trebly percussiveness without too much low-end bass whomp, the whoa-oh-ohs – they’re all here. Welcome to the late-noughties revival.

Session Tracklist
1. New Beat
2. Playground Apocalypse
3. The Wave
4. Brainchildren
5. Full Metal Whacket
6. Bury Me
7. Catapilah
8. The Chain (Fleetwood Mac)

Oxford, MS

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