You Me & Apollo

You Me & Apollo are a funky rock and roll band. They are fearlessly led by Brent Cowles’ dynamic, textured vocals. With a voice far beyond his age Cowles belts out diaphragm straining yelps, sultry falsetto and soaring runs. Growing from a country/folk project, You Me & Apollo have set their sights on Motown soul.

New release, Sweet Honey, is filled to the brim with rollicking, interpersonal jams. The band’s chill demeanor and demanding performance style is an open invite to join. Their home base of Ft. Collins is a trendy, lively setting for the young band to hone their craft.

Session Tracklist
1. Open Doors
2. A Pearl
3. Madeline
4. Places
5. Days on Days

Band Members

Brent Cowles – Vocals and Guitar
Tyler Kellogg – Drums and Percussion
Jonathan Alonzo – Guitar, Piano, Bass, and Vocals
Morgan Travis – Guitar and Vocals
Dave Cole – Bass, Piano, and Vocals

Visit the band’s website

For our friends who live in countries where YouTube is blocked, watch the session on Vimeo.