With a new sound few have been able to put their finger on, Waterstreet is on the way. The quartet, based in Chicago, IL, commands a wide audience, and leaves the ground shaking with every bombastic song. Originally formed by guitarists Evan Hand and Joe Shadid, Waterstreet has quickly moved up in the the Mid-West music scene with hard riffs and a youthful energy rarely seen. These early twenty-somethings are musically adept, most having attended the top music programs in the nation (Berklee, Columbia Chicago). With a rich and wide range of influences from the Yardbirds and the Kinks to Led Zeppelin, Radiohead, Queens of the Stone Age, and more. Waterstreet’s songs will take you someplace you recognize and love while pushing the limits with a modern tenacity.

Session Tracklist
1. Nobody's Ground
2. Psycho
3. Come On Back
4. Glass Bones And Paper Skin
5. 12

Peoria, IL

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