Train Company

“…They’re a classy rock band that blends a lot of influences and funnels them into a passionate (and sweaty) performance, but what really sold them for me was their attention to detail. Their songwriting doesn’t end at the lyrics and structure; the songs were filled with surprises and flourishes that could hold the attention of the most disinterested listener. From the drums dramatically dropping out for a verse to the singer’s notes stretching into savage yells to tasteful vocal harmonies to another song ending with a squall of wah-pedaled distortion, Train Company never missed a moment to command attention.”

– Paul Rice,

Session Tracklist
1. Still Can Feel The Heat
2. Myself In Two
3. October
4. Leavin'
5. Change
6. City Down By The Shoreline
7. Step To Me
8. Steve

Chicago, IL

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