The Western Den

The Western Den is an orchestral indie rock project formed by Deni Hlavinka and Chris West. The duo describes their recent release A Light Left On as "a coming of age search -- for purpose, for an environment that feels authentic". Soul-seeking is a fundamental component of the band's ethereal, alternative sound and one that continues to push them into new, unexplored territory. Watch The Western Den Live in our studio.

1. Do Not Go
2. I Still Remain
3. Spark, Set Fire
4. Hem
5. Like You Do

Band Members
Deni Hlavinka - Vocals, Keyboard, Synth, and Guitar
Chris West - Vocals, Guitar, and Keys
Catherine Parke - Violin, Vocals, and Bass
Alec Alabado - Trumpet, Vocals, and Guitar
Sean Camargo - Drums

Winchester, VA

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