The Stone Foxes

The Stone Foxes are a lively West Coast roots band. Their new album, “Twelve Spells,” is a culmination of songs recorded throughout each incarnation of the band and includes both live cuts and studio tracks. It was released piece-wise through “Foxes First Friday,” exposing one new single each month to give fans a taste of the band’s changing lineup and songwriting approach. The unconventional format acts like a trail-map, detailing a young band’s evolution into their current state.

The Stone Foxes are known for their rambunctious live show. They’re a quintet of buoyant performers who rotate instruments throughout the set. The constant rotation allows each song to live and breathe in its moment, taking the focus off one member as the “frontman,” and opting instead for performing as a collective. Titles aside, Shannon Koehler is surely the beating heart of the band. His face is set in a constant joyful grin whether he’s singing lead, shifting spots, or settled behind the drum kit. His relentless energy allows the whole band to performs their foot-stomping Americana tunes with unrivaled sincerity, inviting the crowd to join the performance from the first lick.

Watch them perform tracks from “Twelve Spells” on Audiotree Live.

1. It Ain't Nothin'
2. Dying Star
3. Eye For Love
4. This Town
5. Cold Like a Killer

San Francisco, California

Band Members
Shannon Koehler – Lead Vocals, Harmonica, and Drums
Vince Dewald – Lead Vocals, Bass, and Guitar
Ben Andrews – Guitar, Fiddle, and Backing Vocals
Elliott Peltzman – Keys and Backup Vocals
Brian Bakalian – Drums, Bass, and Backup Vocals

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