The Sheepdogs



The Sheepdogs are a rootsy, Americana-influenced band from the open plains of Saskatchewan. They've been writing, playing, and touring across the US and Canada since their formation in 2006. In 2011, they became the first unsigned band to be on the cover of Rolling Stone after winning a "Choose the Cover" contest, beating out fifteen other bands to clinch the spot. This lead to performances on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and at Bonnaroo and the Osheaga Festival, showing their signature lead guitar harmonies to a wider audience than ever before. They've since had placement in commercials, television series, and even at the 2015 IIHF Hockey World Championship where the single "Feeling Good" blasted over the speakers after every goal scored by Canada's national team. 

The band tours constantly and strongly believes in the power of winning over a crowd with a tight, energetic live performance. Their newest release, "Future Nostalgia," was produced by lead singer and songwriter Ewan Currie, who strove to replicate the band's original loose and lively sound. It showcases the Sheepdogs' experience as players, featuring clean, ripping guitar work and a six-song medley featuring solo contributions from each member to close the record. It's a retro, "good-time," record that bridges the gap between garage, rock n' roll, and Americana. 

Watch The Sheepdogs perform tracks from the new record here on Audiotree Live. 

Session Tracklist
1. I'm Gonna Be Myself
2. Bad Lieutenant
3. Same Old Feeling
4. Jim Gordon
5. Take a Trip

Band Members

Ewan Currie - Vocals and Guitar
Shamus Currie - Keyboards and Vocals
Samuel Corbett - Drums and Vocals
Dana Matyas - Guitar and Vocals
Ryan Gullen - Bass and Vocals

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