The Ivorys

As fresh and as clean as your soap dish, The Ivorys from Chicago, IL harness the love of classic rock but with a new spin. Through influences ranging from rockers The Stooges and The Rolling Stones, to Justice, The White Stripes, and Arctic Monkeys; there is no doubt that this power trio has developed a retro but catchy sound that is sure to enrapture your interest in more ways than one. “Piece of Mind” is a sure standout track on the new recordings by the band with new member Neil Candelora. “Piece of Mind” showcases some of the bands best work in the raw, herky-jerky rocker. Be sure to see the band perform to get the full idea of what the band is all about- energetic, and fun rock ‘n’ roll that you are not afraid to sing along to. New Single for 2012- “Hit The Wall” available now on Spotify and Itunes.

Session Tracklist
1. Can't Stop
2. Say Goodbye To Say Hello
3. Piece Of Mind
4. La Da Da
5. Dance Dance Baby

Chicago, IL

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