The Hudson Branch

The Hudson Branch is a rock band. They use dense effects to create experimental, inventive pop. “The band’s latest work Kina Ze Swah is bolder, more self-confident, more daring. You can hear the brothers drawing on their lives spent singing and playing together. There is a drama in the expansive builds and a relief in the moments of minimalism that reveal a band demanding your attention. Kina Ze Swah is a kaleidoscope of layered sounds and emotions. It bounces between outlandish and familiar, faith and disbelief, a yearning to be heard and a willingness to just have a great time. It stands strong as a rare example of earnest pop music.”

Session Tracklist
1. Hope It Gets Better
2. New Vision of the Sun
3. Paradise
4. Do You Want To (Dance)?
5. Korea vs. Canada

Chicago, IL

Band Members

Cobey Bienert – Guitar and Vocals
Corey Bienert – Drums and percussion
Jacob Boll – Vocals, Guitar and Keys
Matthew Boll – Bass, Computer, and Vocals

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For our friends who live in countries where YouTube is blocked, watch the session on Vimeo.