The Giving Tree Band

For brothers Todd and Eric Fink of The Giving Tree Band, there is no distinction between playing music and just plain living. Their bodies and instruments become a singularity that is just trying to get in tune, stay in tune, and add a little harmony to the grand symphony of life. Descending from legendary folk hero Mike Fink and Spanish conquistador Hernando de Soto on their mother’s side, the Finks have extended their brotherhood into an epic collective known as The Giving Tree Band.  A band’s band, the Brothers Fink and company live, work, and tour the country together – keeping tune with nature, sleeping under the stars, bathing in rivers, and treating time as the only real currency.  Though the story of The Giving Tree Band is still being written, it can already be said that these musical frontiersmen are redefining “virtuosity,” which is traditionally understood as dizzying displays of technical wizardry. But what is missing from this definition is the root word – Virtue.  And it is upon this foundation of Virtue that The Giving Tree Band weaves their musical tapestry – by playing every note with integrity, every part with humility, every song with honesty, and every show with gratitude.

Session Tracklist
1. Circles
2. Silent Man
3. Once Or Twice Before
4. Miss You Now
5. Limbo
6. Cold Cold Rain
7. Dead Heroes

Yorkville, IL

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