Sorority Noise


Sorority Noise is a heavy indie band fronted by renaissance performer and songwriter Cameron Boucher. Boucher first broke into the scene with his aggressively emotional hardcore outfit, Old Gray, who released “An Autobiography” in 2013 to much acclaim from the East Coast hardcore community and throughout the US. Sorority Noise was birthed from the desire to explore softer, more experimental indie rock. Boucher himself has an insatiable appetite for performance; he substitutes on various instruments for other touring bands and continues to write for Old Gray among other creative outlets. He went to Hartford University for jazz saxophone and has an impressive grasp of music theory. His bandmate and close friend, Charlie Singer, is as invested in the scene. He’s a spoken word writer, a performer and songwriter in Old Gray, and a massive creative force behind Sorority Noise.

The band made waves with their second LP, “Joy, Departed.” It strays from the standard emo/punk equation into territory often unexplored by scene contemporaries. Honest but not cloying, personal but not too intimate, the record details Boucher’s experience with friends using drugs, his own manic depression, and the complications that anyone in a band deals with. It’s an impressive sophomore release in terms of dynamic flow, construction, and timbre. Sorority Noise doesn’t want to be an emo band anymore, and “Joy, Departed” proves they’re going to impact culture for a long while after we’ve forgotten about who was part of the revival.

Session Tracklist
1. Nolsey
2. Art School Wannabe
3. Mononokay
4. Using
5. Dirty Ickes
6. Your Soft Blood

Band Members
Cameron Boucher – Guitar and Vocals
Ryan McKenna – Bass and Vocals
Adam Ackerman – Guitar and Vocals
Charlie Singer- Drums

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