K.Flay (Session #2)


K.Flay is a rapper, performer, and singer whose newest record, “Life As A Dog,” was independently released. Received with high critical acclaim, the record marks her debut since separating with RCA. K.Flay has always been regaled for slick rhyme and hard-hitting delivery, but has traded straight bars for a sing-song delivery and electronic backing beats. This more intimate, approachable style allows “Life As A Dog” to be intensely personal while connecting with a broader spectrum of listeners.

Outside of recording and playing hundreds of shows a year, K.Flay is a creative force behind her music videos, art, and merchandise. She teamed up with Red Bull sponsored free-runner, Jason Paul, in Bangkok to embody her feelings of restlessness in the intense video for “Can’t Sleep.” In “Make Me Fade,” K.Flay solicited help from director Ben Fee and a hacked Xbox Kinect to create an otherworldly video touching on separate selves through the lens of substance abuse. K.Flay started out while attending Stanford, and uses her driven, cunningly studious approach to make every endeavor meaningful and whip-smart.

Watch K.Flay perform tracks from 2013’s “Life As A Dog” here on Audiotree Live.

Session Tracklist
1. Thicker Than Dust
2. Can't Sleep
3. I'm Good
4. Make Me Fade
5. Turn It Around

Band Members

K.Flay (Kristine Flaherty) – Vocals
Nich Suhr – Drums
Josh Lippi – Bass and Guitar

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