Somos is a rhythmic, distorted punk band. Their late 90’s style is accented by subdued, longing vocals and quiet-loud-quiet dynamics. Using strong influences from the Cure, Alkaline Trio and similar acts, the band reinvents a familiar sound. Michael Fiorentino’s voice is alluring; he effortlessly treads the line between urban slacker and dramatic lover. Fiorentino on bass allows for dueling guitars to both rip lead lines.

“Temple of Plenty” is a strong debut from the young band. Startlingly personal and mature, the record touches on tough topics of corporate greed and finding vocation. It’s upbeat, clean, and straightforward, but it doesn’t seek to follow any trend, and is organized flawlessly. Check out Somos playing at Riot Fest 2014 and all over the US.

Session Tracklist
1. Domestic
2. Dead Wrong
3. Lives of Others
4. Strangest
5. Distorted Vision
6. Familiar Theme

Boston, MA

Band Members
Michael Fiorentino – Bass and Vocals
Phil Haggerty – Guitar
Justin Hahn – Guitar
Evan Deges – Drums

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