Jukebox the Ghost

Jukebox the Ghost is a three-piece indie band from NYC. Their piano-led rock tunes are amplified by huge, boisterous vocals. Ben Thornewill’s is soulful and rock-tinged, while Tommy Siegel delivers a smooth, youthful cry. They trade off the role of frontman song-to-song, facilitating a more dynamic lyrical sound. The band is known for hyperactive stage energy and covers of any song with a hook. Over the years they’ve funneled this energy into thoughtful pop.

Siegel spoke, in reference to their 2012 record, Safe Travels, “It felt like the music was finally growing with us — Songs that relate to who we are as people right now, not who we were when we were 19 or 20. [It’s] more heartfelt; part of that came from not worrying about exactly what kind of music we were supposed to be making and instead just working on songs that felt genuine and natural at the time.” With the release of new single, The Great Unknown, the band will continue to focus on interpersonal lyricism while maintaining their insatiable pop.

Session Tracklist
1. Postcard
2. Made for Ending
3. The Great Unknown
4. Don't Let Me Fall Behind
5. Adulthood

New York, NY

Band Members
Ben Thornewill – Vocals and Piano
Tommy Siegel – Guitar
Jesse Kristin – Drums

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