Semicircle formed in 2010 in Athens, GA as less of a band and more of an experiment. Driven by Andrew McFarland (Reptar, Co Co Ri Co, Giant Giants), the group’s first shows were a completely improvised, come-all-who-may, open format interpretation of a series of songs by McFarland, intended as a study into the ability of music to connect people’s consciouses. After roughly half a year of performances of cultivated madness, and due largely to the prodding of the recurring members, the band slowly began to solidify into a more contained group of musicians.

Semicircle’s first release, a self titled tape only EP released in 2011 on Quality Faucet and Diatom Bath, was an experiment of a different sort. Written and recorded over the month of January in his childhood house in Decatur, GA, McFarland explored ideas of home with the applied limitation of one microphone and a four track tape machine. In 2012, McFarland moved from Athens to Atlanta to record Semicircle’s first full length record, Poured Rain, Blown Breeze, and We Are Part of the Earth, which was released in December 2014. Now, Semicircle has expanded to include songs of Ryan Engelberger (Reptar, Casual Curious, Giant Giants).” – official bio

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Session Tracklist
1. Chances
2. Movement is Calm
3. Underground River of Glass
4. Nightwalker
5. Remember Me
6. All is Lost (Download Exclusive)

Atlanta, Georgia

Band Members
Ryan Engelberger ­- Guitar and Vocals
Andrew McFarland ­- Guitar and Vocals
Merideth Hanscom ­- Bass Guitar
Lee Gunselman ­- Keyboards
Jake Thompson ­- Drums

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