Cereus Bright

Cereus Bright is a modern folk duo whose music manifests itself in different ways; sometimes as an acoustic duo and other times with support from a band. No matter how they perform, Cereus Bright weaves melodic stories for listeners to fall into.

Their official bio reads, “Cereus Bright draws its muse, and its name, from the Cereus– a desert flower that only blooms at night. This beauty blooming from the dark is a symbol of hope, beauty, and music for this young Knoxville band. In the past year, Cereus Bright has traveled the country opening for elite musicians from diverse styles; from the soulful harmonies of the Lone Bellow, the storied rock of Jackie Greene, the meta-modern country of Sturgill Simpson and the jam-pop of Phillip Phillips. Their performances feature a special brand of folk-influenced modern rock delivered with charismatic, harmony-driven energy. The latest single, “Winds of Change” puts this passion and breadth on display. Driven by a rambling pedal steel line and strong melodies, the song is a new frontier for the band, expanding from a simple acoustic groove into an upbeat mixture of folk, New Orleans jazz, and rock. It shows a definite step forward for the band while holding on to the fun simplicity of their past recordings.”

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Session Tracklist
1. Goldmine
2. Chattanooga
3. Board Up
4. Stella
5. Cereus Bright
6. Winds of Change (Download Exclusive)

Knoxville, Tennessee

Band Members
Tyler Anthony – Lead Vocals and Acoustic Guitar
Evan Ford – Vocals, Mandolin, and Electric Guitar
Luke Bowers – Vocals and Drums
Matt Nelson – Upright Bass and Electric Bass
Jake Smith – Electric Guitar

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