Sainthood Reps

Formed in the winter of 2009, Sainthood Reps play a moody mix of post-grunge, hard rock, and post-hardcore. Co-founders Francesco Montesanto and Derrick Sherman grew up together in Long Island, New York, where they developed a mutual interest in bands like Mogwai, Fugazi, and Explosions in the Sky. When Montesanto recorded a collection of demos inspired by those bands, Sherman was quick to join the project, which quickly spiraled into a full-fledged band with the addition of Bradley Cordaro and Jani Zubkovs. After a handful of practices, Sainthood Reps hit the road with All the Day Holiday, kickstarting a lengthy tour that stretched into 2010. As that year drew to a close, the band inked a contract with Tooth & Nail Records and began laying the groundwork for a debut album, Monoculture, which was released during the summer of 2011.

Session Tracklist
1. Monoculture
2. Hotfoot
3. Animal Glue
4. Hunter
5. No Survival
6. Dingus
7. Reactor
8. Widow
9. Holiday Makers

Long Island, New York

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