Psalm One

Psalm One is a rapper groomed on the Chicago Southside whose style is aggressive and real. Fluffy, Psalm and Angel perform as a threesome of rapper chicks, throwing down background vocals and dancing their faces off to the band’s groovy tunes. Psalm is an ever-changing artist; she attacks each record with differing influences, different rhyming style and a full band. From Psalm to Zro Fox to Hologram Kizzie: it’s all Cristalle Bowen. Psalm is in your face, but whip-smart and willing to take on anyone who disagrees.

According to her official bio she, “runs a successful youth mentoring program, Rhymeschool, and is currently promoting her latest album, FREE HUGS. Since 2006, Psalm has been truly doing it herself, with a handful of Chicagoans who truly believe in her amazing and unique talent. Once a chemist, always a chemist. Believe that.”

Session Tracklist
1. Just U and Us
2. Queen Until
3. What a Movie
4. The Plunge
5. Arrogant
6. Need Love Too (Download Exclusive)

Chicago, Illinois

Band Members
Cristalle Bowen (aka Psalm One) – Main Vocals
Fluffy – Background Vocals
Angel Davanport – Background Vocals
Nathan Hanak – Guitar
Martin Rodriguez – Drums
Paul Goldman – Synth
Kyle Crager – Bass
Kyle Miller – Trumpet

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For our friends who live in countries where YouTube is blocked, watch the session on Vimeo.