Polar Bear Club

Upstate New York five-piece Polar Bear Club’s cold city punk sets the perfect tone for a wintry house party. Front man Jimmy Stadt traded in the abrasive, post-hardcore sound of past efforts for a more vocal-chord friendly delivery. Tight, punchy choruses and Chris Browne’s Midwest guitar styling remain forefronts of their toe-tapping sound.

Their recent release “Death Chorus” is a bounding and boisterous pop-punk record from front to back. Stadt speaks candidly on the betraying lure of nostalgia and relationships with a cheeky wit. The band’s shy, unassuming personas legitimize lines about loss and baggage in even the most heavy-handed tracks. The line up and vibe has changed but their dedication to the art remains as solid as it has ever been.

Session Tracklist
1. Blood Balloon
3. I'll Never Leave New York
4. Pawner
5. Killin' It

New York, NY

Band Members

Jimmy Stadt – Vocals
Chris Browne – Guitar and Vocals
Pat Benson – Guitar
Tyler Smith – Bass
Steve Port – Drums

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