Cuddle Magic

Cuddle Magic is an eclectic 6-piece who blend traditional and modern instrumentation to create chamber pop. Three members trade lead vocals resulting in diverse songwriting and melodies. Alec Spiegelman’s stand out use of the bass clarinet as a rhythm component drives the percussive sound. Their catchy pop is sandwiched between blaring trumpets, multiple keys and a stand-up bass.

The band is dedicated to layering quirky sounds, drilling percussion, and fuzz-drenched bass. They prefer to perform in intimate settings at house shows and dive bars. Cuddle Magic has recently written 7 inches with toy piano virtuoso Phyllis Chen and the Daredevil Christopher Wright and are working tirelessly on new music to be released next year.

Session Tracklist
1. Overloaded
2. On the Ground
3. Round and Round
4. First Hippie on the Moon (Part 1)
5. First Hippie on the Moon (Part 2)
6. Jackie

Brooklyn, NY

Band Members
Ben Davis – Vocals, Guitar, and Bass
Kristin Slipp – Vocals, Bells, and Keys
Alec Spiegelman – Vocals and Clarinet
Christopher McDonald – Vocals and Keys
Cole Kamen-Green – Trumpet and Aux Percussion
Dave Flaherty – Drums

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 For our friends who live in countries where YouTube is blocked, watch the session on Vimeo.