Panama’s passion is piano rock. These pop-loving Aussies write soul-tinged alternative indie that is led by the presence of multiple keyboard forms. Frontman and prime creative, Jarrah McCleary, owns a revolving vintage synth collection that plays the role of his prime outlet for sound definition. Inspired by film scores in the vein of 2011’s thriller, Drive, Panama endeavors to find nostalgic tones to connect with listeners. Like the background music to an 80’s high school cafeteria, this connection is powerful, upbeat and evocative.

Panama uses electronic music as a vehicle to carry their infectious pop. It’s beat-centric but strongly influenced by the piano pop of the late 70’s and 80’s. In an increasingly electronic-minded music scene, Panama is sure to gather more fans with each new release.

Session Tracklist
1. Strange Feeling
2. How We Feel
3. Destroyer
4. It's Not Over
5. Always
6. We Have Love

Band Members
Jarrah McCleary – Vocals/Keys
Thomas Marland – Keys/Guitar
Tim Commandeur – Percussion

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