Joywave is an electronic band whose obvious love for heavy hip hop beats is infused with their bright indie rock. They excel at blending electronica and indie rock; standing above contemporaries with their organic take on an often unfeeling genre. Daniel Armbruster’s voice is in the forefront, channeling super-slick R & B and pop influences. Explosive hit, Tongues, is a track filled with mechanical-jungle sounds and an insatiable chorus. It’s accompanied by a riotous music video directed by the low-fi super director Daniels brothers. The “How Do You Feel” EP is just a taste of the titanic full-length to be released later in the year.

Session Tracklist
1. True Grit
2. Travelling at the Speed of Light
3. Somebody New
4. Now
5. Tongues

Band Members

Daniel Armbruster – Vox/Guitar
Sean Donnelly – Bass/Backup Vox
Paul Brenner – Drums
Joseph Morinelli – Lead Guitar
Benjamin Bailey – Synths/Backup Vox

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For our friends who live in countries where YouTube is blocked, watch the session on Vimeo.