Matt Wertz

Matt Wertz is a handsome gentleman whose songwriting style is contemplative and heartfelt. His brand of pure, pop rock is cheerful and spirited. The band bolsters his energizing sound with bold riffs and a driving rhythm section. Matt is a true stage performer with an abundant track-list in his repertoire and a Missouri-bred charisma.

Pseudo-concept album, “Heatwave,” tips the cap to Wertz’s core influences. The 80’s pop rock is honed in by jangling guitar licks and delivered in sensational form. Themes of depravity and desolation abound throughout, but only serve to nourish the playful, late summer tunes.

Session Tracklist
1. Get to You
2. Last Good Girl
3. Whenever You Love Somebody
4. What I Know Right Now
5. Loved By You
6. Everything's Right

Kansas City, MO

Band Members
Matt Wertz – Vocals and Guitar
Niko Xidas – Drums
Jake Widenhofer – Guitar
Blake Stratton – Bass

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