Maps & Atlases


Maps & Atlases are a foundational rock band from the Windy City. They are primarily known for inventive math rock, incorporating technical guitar play with dynamic, changing rhythm and unusual song structure. Inspired by bands like Hella, American Football, and Don Caballero, Maps & Atlases took prickly instrumental precision and formed songs that teeter into alt-pop. Since their inception, Maps & Atlases have been regarded as an influential force in emo/math/progressive rock and are consistently cited as a source of influence for the wave of experimental revival bands in early 2011.

The band has released three EP’s and two full-lengths which run the gamut of experimental, folk, alternative and indie rock. Originally they were distributed through Sargent House Records, but signed to Barsuk in 2009 and have released subsequent material through them. Maps & Atlases’ most recent release, 2012’s Beware and Be Grateful, was a head-first dive into poppier alternative rock, straying away from the ripping technical elements of early releases. It’s still progressive, but focuses more on beat-centric indie rock with folkier vocal elements and simpler song structure. They have seen a small amount of mainstream success with the tracks “Vampires” and “Daily News” placed in commercials and in television series. In April of 2015, founding member Erin Elders left the band to pursue other artistic ventures. They continue to tour lightly and play local shows as a three-piece.

Session Tracklist

1. Vampires
2. Pigeon
3. Fever
4. Solid Ground
5. Everybody Wants to Rule the World (Tears for Fears Cover) [Not included in download - sorry!]

Band Members
Chris Hainey – Drums
David Davison – Guitar
Shiraz Dada – Bass

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