Liza Anne


Liza Anne is the full band project of Liza Odachowski. Liza’s downtrodden voice tells personal stories of love and loss with the timbre of a mourning songbird. The band is bred in the unconfined musical space of Nashville, where your average bartender or server is an elite-level musician. Her newest release, ‘TWO,’ was a process of honing in to her emotionally destructive and tumultuous lyrical beauty.

Liza Anne is full of poetic lyricism, but shines in simplicity. She strips each story threadbare to allow for the listener’s own interpretation, while still maintaining the core message. ‘TWO’ is an intensely emotional journey through her mind; the fragile ambient textures and dripping vocal melodies make for a sound that is both stunning and powerfully sad. Julian Dentre’s simple, echoing guitar work is supported by a thumping rhythm section and unconventional song structures.

Watch Liza Anne perform tracks from their newest release, TWO.

Session Tracklist
1. Northern Wind
2. Low Tide
3. Overnight
4. Room
5. Take it Back

Band Members
Liza Odachowski – Vocals and Electric Guitar
Thad Kopec – Bass
Julian Dentre – Electric Guitar
Jason Kollar – Drums

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For our friends who live in countries where YouTube is blocked, watch the session on Vimeo.


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