Julien Baker

Julien Baker is a lyrically complex singer-songwriter whose solo career exploded upon the release of her critically acclaimed debut album, “Sprained Ankle.” She has been touring and performing in bands from a very young age, but her past musical contributions lie mostly in punk and rock. As a solo artist, she crafts emotionally-wrenching tunes that frankly describe death, loss, and faith through poignant autobiographical illustration.

In person, Baker’s goofy, fun-loving sense of humor seems in complete opposition to the character represented on the cover of “Sprained Ankle.” This polarity is paramount to Julien Baker’s appeal; she writes the music she does for catharsis and then opens herself up to life. She is a well-read and equally well-spoken person whose has a vested interest in Canon literature. This knowledge isn’t a prerequisite for storytelling, but it clearly informs Baker’s lyrical approach. The stories in her songs are short and clearly told. Her record references drug use, a near-fatal car wreck, anxiety, and struggling with her faith, and Baker’s simple, powerful approach lays these intense issues out in a way that makes them universal truths we all feel with her.

On stage Baker is a performance powerhouse; she commands attention from the first reverb-soaked strum, and holds it until her thought is finished and all delay has rung out. Baker is the kind of performer you have to see live to truly understand.

Session Tracklist
1. Sprained Ankle
2. Rejoice
3. Something
4. Go Home

Band Members
Julien Baker – Guitar and Vocals

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