Jamie Lono

Jamie Lono is a recording artist who has lived through more than his 23 years suggest. The blue-eyed soul singer/songwriter’s musical journey has been turbulent: from facing health complications at a young age, a family financial bankruptcy, and living in a hotel, to gaining national fame as a solo artist through an appearance on NBC’s ‘The Voice” and releasing his solo debut “The Feel Good Nation” in August 2012.

He’s received praise from the likes of Cee Lo Green, Blake Shelton, and Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine and shared the stage with acts such as Tim Reynolds and Los Lonely Boys. Those accolades, plus television appearances and performances around the country, have allowed Jamie to grow both his audience and his message. His music continues to evolve; drawing on his influences – Ray LaMontange, James Taylor, Florence & The Machine, Bruno Mars – while expanding into uncharted music territory.

With “The Feel Good Nation,” Jamie demonstrated his ability to make “feel-good” music as sunny as his personality (and his ability to succeed while releasing music independently). According to Jamie, his sophomore effort – which is still in the “writing” stages – is a “Nation” populated with heavier themes and hopeful idealism.

The hope and heaviness are the byproducts of Jamie’s musical and personal maturation, but he hasn’t stopped dreaming. In fact, Jamie acknowledges that juxtaposing harsh reality with his optimistic worldview may be the only way to grow as a person and an artist, and that is reason enough for all of us to keep listening.

Session Tracklist
1. Bad People
2. Wings
3. Reject
4. Party
5. Real Women
6. Money (My, My, My)

Chicago, IL

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