illuminati hotties

illuminati hotties are a dynamic indie band self defined as "tenderpunk" fronted by songwriter Sarah Tudzin. Tudzin captures the real life experience of being a young adult in 2019 with astute self-awareness and charming serendipitous humor. Her unconventional song structures and elastic genre affiliation allows Tudzin and the band to present each song's story in the style they believe fits it best. Check out the Illuminati Hotties Live performance of songs from "Kiss Your Frenemies" in the studio.

1. Kiss Yr Frenemies
2. (You're Better) Than Ever
3. Shape of My Hands
4. Declutter
5. Cuff
6. boi
7. Patience
8. Paying Off the Happiness

Band Members
Sarah Tudzin – Vocals and Guitar
Nathaniel Noton-Freeman – Guitar
Zach Bilson – Bass
Tim Kmet - Drums

Los Angeles, CA

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