Ohmme (formerly Homme)


Ohmme (formerly Homme) is a vocal project with a gnarled, grizzly, fuzzed-out guitar backbone. Duo Macie Stewart and Sima Cunningham have a natural vocal harmony, and they let that shared energy guide their intuitive guitar movement throughout each unconventional track. The two were raised on different sides of classical music, with Stewart beginning piano lessons at age three and Cunningham joining the Chicago Children’s Choir in elementary school. These upbringings trained them both in a mathematical, driven approach to musical mastery, but Ohmme represents a release from this control.

Both have served as backup vocalists for different performers within Chicago’s savemoney collective, and Stewart also writes for indie pop group Marrow and a jazz trio. The improvisational jazz scene is in a state of constant growth thanks to seeds originally planted all the way back to the 40’s by composer, performer and musician Sun Ra, and Ohmme has entrenched themselves within its layered folds. The resulting songs comprise a self-titled EP that’s unconventional, free-wheeling, and dynamic.

Watch the band perform tracks from their self-titled EP here on Audiotree Live.

Session Tracklist:
1. Fingerprints
2. Ithaca
3. Furniture
4. Bully Clouds
5. Woman

Band Members:
Sima Cunningham – Vocals and Electric Guitar
Macie Stewart – Vocals and Electric Guitar

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For our friends who live in countries where YouTube is blocked, watch the session on Vimeo.