Gringo Star

By condensing a palette of swirling and innovative guitar voyages and a sweat-sokaed and broque punk ethos that loses itself in carpet-crawling majesty, Gringo Star has emerged as Atlanta’s favorite rock and roll son. Brothers Nick and Peter Furgiule, along with Pete Delorenzo and Matt McCalvin have continually built steam by crisscrossing the country and noning their chops on rock and roll’s frontline. Crafting and art-damaged and intense presence, the group’s sound falls somewhere between the Animals, motown, and The Kinks: sexy, humble, and unmovable. In person the group’s humble and soft-spoken demeanor instills a sense of alluring mystery. But on-stage Gringo Star explodes. Never ones to hang on to the same instruments for too long, on-stage each member of the group sprints and hurdles from station to station, swapping out guitar for bass for drums for voice. As a result the group’s mulitfaceted musicianship culminates in dense and cerebral rock mantras that are hard-wired to both the head and heart.

Session Tracklisting
1. Taller
2. Count Yer Lucky Stars
3. Going Way Out
4. Ask Me Why
5. Shadow
6. Make You Mine

Atlanta, GA

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