Funk is an amorphous substance, able to mold itself to a variety of emotions and environments. It consists of all the things we know and composes all the things we feel. It’s the stuff that jiggles in our spine, the thing that rumbles in our belly. It’s the stuff crammed between our toes and the matter jammed between our ears. Funk lives in all of us—its path traces the globe and its roots dig back to traditional campfire rhythms and primal soul vibrations. If you’ve experienced life at all until this point, you’ve come across at least one mutation of the entity of funk.

Luckily for us there is a band that can show us all the branches of funk. No matter what frequency your eardrums vibrate at, the sonic eruption from Kalamazoo based Funktion will dose them at the right waves per second. It could be the silky smooth R&B that gets you. Or maybe it’s the cool island dub rhythms that grab your ears. Then again it might be the rowdy hip-hop flavor that seizes your attention. But if none of that snatches your marbles, the unhinged, guitar-fueled fireball of funk will surely do the trick. Any way you slice it, if you’ve got a pair of ears, Funktion will unwrap something for them to chew on.

But don’t show up to a live show unless you’ve come to get down; this stuff is additive-free, high-octane dance fuel. And due to the fact that Funktion’s sole mission in life is to make you shake your booty, trying to stand still might cause you a few problems. You see, the human body simply isn’t equipped to deal with this much raw musical energy in the stationary position. The only way to withstand this tidal wave of sound is to get loose, get down with your bad self, and feel that groove out on the floor. Ride that funky wave out, because the only thing that could bring it to an end is last call. But then there’s always the next night’s last call in another city just down the road…

Session Tracklist
1. Step Into It
2. Ooo Baby
3. Hypnotize
4. Do 4 You
5. Whatcha Gon' Do?
6. Better Days

Kalamazoo, MI

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