Dessa is the CEO and a core creative in the rap collective Doomtree. Her solo work highlights her dynamic vocal abilities backed by a full band. She’s a lyrical monster, stringing together lucid poetry in unique combinations. As a slam poet, short story writer, and forum leader, Dessa is deeply invested in the writing community. Her second full-length, Parts of Speech, was released in 2013 and a new Doomtree record is on the horizon. Dessa’s powerful, intelligent, and compassionate persona is a refreshing role for a front man. Call it indie Hip Hop, R &B, rap, or soul; Dessa can do it better than most.

Session Tracklist
1. The Man I Knew
2. Skeleton Key
3. Matches to Paper Dolls
4. Dixon's Girl
5. Call Off Your Ghost
6. Warsaw

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Band Members
Dessa – Vocals
Dustin Kiel – Guitar, Keys, and Vocals
Sean McPherson – Bass and Vocals
Joey Van Phillips – Drums
Aby Wolf – Keys and Vocals

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