The Dear Hunter

The Dear Hunter is a sophisticated indie rock six piece from the East Coast. Casey Crescenzo’s dedication to concept album work is evident in the monster 2012 release, The Color Spectrum, and his many-part Acts series. Versatile and precise, the band’s various styles range from contemplative to vengeful. They’ve honed in their broad sound and incorporated a string quartet in recent release, Migrant.

The Dear Hunter has turned to auto-biographical songwriting and rock progressions to channel their new approach. The final result is a romantic rock record full of grandiose tracks and resilient lyrical content. Focusing attention ever onward, Crescenzo has set his sights on writing a symphony, all while touring and catching buzz with the transcendent sound of The Dear Hunter.

Session Tracklist
1. Bring You Down
2. Shame
3. Things That Hide Away
4. Girl
5. Whisper

Providence, RI

Band Members
Casey Crescenzo – Guitar and Vocals
Nick Crescenzo – Drums and Percussion
Connor Doyle – Guitar
Rob Parr – Guitar and Vocals
Max Tousseau – Keyboards
Nick Sollecito – Bass
String Quartet:
Jenann Dara – Viola
Kim Lonetree – Cello
Chris Baum – Violin
Matt Consul – Violin

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