David Quon

David Quon is the talented lead singer of We Barbarians.  Upon hearing the thunderous rhythms and waves of echoing guitar the band creates, We Barbarians sucker many listeners into thinking the collaboration is anything but a three piece. In fact, the band is a trio of long-time friends and recent Brooklyn transplants that builds upon a foundation of simplicity.

We Barbarians formed in 2007, its members having played together in various incarnations through their years around Long Beach, California. The band took their name from an early 20th century German war play that explored the concepts of humanity and industry. The same thoughtful minimalism is central to the group’s aesthetic, from their post-punk leanings to their album art created by hand. Like Springsteen’s New Jersey and Joy Division’s Manchester, the industrial coast of the band’s native Long Beach inspires a starkness and urgency within the We Barbarians sound. This immediacy is apparent in We Barbarians’ new EP Headspace, a collection of songs the band developed while preparing for their move to Brooklyn. Produced by Dann Gallucci (of Modest Mouse and Murder City Devils), the EP combines the band’s propulsive sound with a bold new clarity of melody and structure. In addition to highlights including the driving title track and the entrancing “Chambray,” the EP also features a cover of David Byrne and Brian Eno’s “Strange Overtones.”  Having spent much of the last year on the road with bands including Cold War Kids, Local Natives, Passion Pit and Foster The People, the band is embarking on an extensive headlining tour in support of Headspace, with additional dates to be announced soon.

Session Tracklist
1. Stroke By Stroke
2. Yesmen & Bumsuckers
3. Chambray
4. War Clouds

Long Beach, California

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