Dave McGraw and Mandy Fer

Dave McGraw and Mandy Fer’s Washington rock is soothing, heartfelt, and relational. Harmonies soar with Mandy’s sweet, bounding voice weaving throughout Dave’s calm, collected delivery. The duo wield minimal instrumentation but produce an intricate, twangy sound. Mandy’s fingers rip across the fret board while Dave chugs and finger-picks sweeping chords. Their experiences traveling the world are exposed by their blend of organic country folk.

Their debut record “Seed of a Pine” deals with fascination and respect for open space, the natural world, and making a living off almost nothing. Tribal and folk influences creep in through hand drums and familiar melodies. Dave and Mandy may appear as a standard folk duo, but their unified presence on stage forces an evolution into refreshingly uncharted territory.

Session Tracklist
1. Grow
2. Serotiny (May Our Music)
3. Slumbering Rose
4. Carillon
5. Comin' Down

San Juan Islands, Washington

Band Members
Dave McGraw – Vocals, Guitar, and Percussion
Mandy Fer – Vocals and Electric Guitar

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