Zach Heckendorf

Zach Heckendorf is a hip hop loving guitarist who plays percussive acoustic rock. Inspired by the versatility of players like Tommy Immanuel, Heckendorf brings a calm to the hectic guitar style. He incorporates a variety of textures including pull offs, bends, and palm hits into new record, Speed Checked by Aircraft. It’s a strong solo effort that highlights his guitar work and songwriting skills.

Zach signed a deal and released his first record at the age of 21, and has grown in both tenacity and popularity. The young guitar player has since toured with the John Butler Trio, Rodrigo Y Gabriela, and Guster among many others. Watch him perform tracks from the new release.

Session Tracklist
1. The Garden
2. Take Time
3. High Force
4. Speed Checked by Aircraft
5. Normal Type (Real Love)

Denver, Colorado

Band Members
Zach Heckendorf – Guitar and Vocals

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For our friends who live in countries where YouTube is blocked, watch the session on Vimeo.