Young Man

Chicago, Illinois-based Colin Caulfield, a.k.a. Young Man, takes full advantage of the latter. Granted, most bands would be foolish not to use the Internet to spread their goods, but for Caulfield, it seems to be his birthing place.

The first time I heard Young Man was actually the first time I found SoundCloud, where his debut EP, Boy, was streaming in its entirety. For first time listeners of Caulfield’s music, I suggest starting from the same place. Boy is a concept work—about being five years old, playing in the backyard and the unfairness of life. Despite the latter item on that litany, the EP is a pleasant ride packed with excellent vocal harmonies and satisfying guitar work.

The reason you should begin with Boy and not, say, his extensive arsenal of YouTube covers (below), is because the EP is the first real output Young Man can claim as his own. One of my initial reactions to it was a subconscious revisit to a Sung Tongs state of mind. Lo and behold, the kid appreciates “Winters Love” as much as I do! I don’t like Caulfield’s music because he covers cool songs; rather, because the musical gene pool he selects from seems to be creating a solid offspring. Caulfield opens the blinds at the right angles where whatever influences you choose to pick out of his sound shine through to create a warm room that is his own. – Making Out Like Bandits’ Stephen Defilippo

Session Tracklist
1. Fate
2. Nothing
3. Then And Now
4. Problem
5. Just A Growin'
6. School
7. Time

Chicago, IL

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For our friends who live in countries where YouTube is blocked, watch the session on Vimeo.