Young Buffalo (Session #2)

Young Buffalo is a fuzzy, chorus-pedal rock band who write underdog anthems. The youthful band’s draw lies in an abundance of tight, effected harmonies. They evoke the Great Plains by drawing on the sounds of a playful herd over dusty fields. It’s truly a Southern style; sun-ridden and joyful while masking darker themes.

Young Buffalo’s echoing, spiky guitar licks and rollicking rhythm section help move each track through multiple movements. They’ve been sitting on a catalog of tunes for three years, and are finally dropping the debut record “House” on March 3rd. Watch them perform an array of Sweaty Rock from tunes new and old.

Session Tracklist
1. Man In Your Dreams
2. Cliff Diver
3. Sykia
4. My Place
5. No Idea
6. Upstairs (Download Exclusive)

Oxford, Mississippi

Band Members
Jim Barrett- Guitar and Vocals
Ben Yarbrough- Guitar and Vocals
Tim Burkhead- Drums and Vocals
Will Eubanks- Keyboards
Andrew Guinn- Bass

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For our friends who live in countries where YouTube is blocked, watch the session on Vimeo.

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