You Won't

You Won’t is a hip New England two-piece who create mournful, minimal pop tunes. The duo sports an eclectic instrumental ensemble including a melodica, a saw, and synth pad. Raky Sastri’s rickety drum fills control every track with a simple but effective pulse. A fuzz-ridden pedal board transforms plinky folk tunes into downright, solid rock.

Lyrically they effortlessly balance the line between sickeningly cute and utterly genius. Soul-teasing, emotional songwriting is highlighted by Josh Arndouse’s signature warble. Off-the-wall live shows and a repertoire of quirky music videos showcase their personality and potential to be the next indie stage ruler.

Session Tracklist
1. Three Car Garage
2. Fat and Happy
3. Fryer
4. Ten Years Old
5. Who Knew
6. Television

Boston, MA

Band Members
Josh Arndouse – Vocals and Guitar
Raky Sastri – Vocals and Drums

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 For our friends who live in countries where YouTube is blocked, watch the session on Vimeo.

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