For our friends who live in countries where YouTube is blocked, watch the session on Vimeo.

Session Tracklist
1. Chestnut Street
2. Criminal, Animal
3. Exit 123
4. Knife
5. Tramadol
6. Use As Directed
7. Nosedive

Xerxes is a bass heavy, rhythmic, noisy rock band. Lead vocalist, Calvin Philley, cries in strained tones as his biting poetry ventures from spoken word to screech to guttural yells dictated by the flow of each song. Philley’s lyrical approach is autobiographical, sorrowful and fragile. Will Allard’s guitar work is saturated, calculated, and jangly with clear Cure influences. The shared timbre between this phaser/vibrato-ridden guitar work and Joseph Goode’s clunky, thunderous bass unifies Xerxes’ heavy-laden sound. It’s heavy, but not hardcore; the band foregoes “sick breakdowns” in favor of building emotion. Out October 21st, “Collision Blonde”, shows a young band realizing their potential. Xerxes are leaders of change within heavy music; allow them to alter your perception of bands adorned in all black.

Band Members
Calvin Philley – Vocals
Will Allard – Guitar
Joseph Goode – Bass
Ben Sears – Drums

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