Wildhoney are a band from Baltimore whose indie pop sentiments structure their noisy rock edge. Lead by the sugary, dream-like vocals of lead singer Lauren Shusterich, they formed the band to “combat the masculine aggression” of Baltimore’s hardcore scene. In 2015, Wildhoney released the debut full-length “Sleep Through It” as well as the 6 track EP “Your Face Sideways”. Both releases serve as the perfect fuzzy soundtrack to late nights or sunny afternoons when a firm pillow sounds better than opening the front door. It’s an optimistic twist on agoraphobia; clearly preferring the safety of a bedroom and down comforter over the tense outside world. Their lethargic, chugging movements echo this sentiment by constantly reminding the listener that when things get bad there’s a place to escape in your own mind.

Though often categorized as “shoegaze”, Wildhoney prefers to disassociate themselves from the genre. Their oblique chord structures and waves of swirling, cloudy guitar noise fit within the sonic realm of such bands, but are far more focused on pop songwriting than noise for its own sake. They understand that good songwriting evokes emotion and is far more important than the technique or gear used to form it. Wildhoney drives their content home; making sure that doom, joy, and depression is felt with every heavy floor tom smash and coagulated guitar crunch.

Session Tracklist
1. Laura
2. Thin Air
3. Soft Bats
4. Slow Motion
5. Seventeen
6. Maybe You're Crazy

Band Members
Lauren Shusterich – Vocals
Joe Trainor – Guitar
Nathan O’Dell – Guitar
Alan Everhart – Bass
Zach Inscho – Drums

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