Wayne Szalinski

Wayne Szalinski are an upbeat, jangular, post-whatever band from Lansing, Michigan. Andy Milad’s vocals, delivered over groovy yet calculated instrumentals, float and flutter with extroverted sass – belying dark, self-reflective lyrics that hit listeners on an intellectual and emotional level. Concise songwriting is the band’s calling card, finding more gravity in brevity than in excess.

Not everything is so serious though. Despite their passion for crafting poignant songs, the boysz are as committed to the pursuit of Pokemon as they are about music. You can still catch Wayne Szalinski in your friend’s basement, so don’t blow it! – go meet these chill budsz and bring your Game Link Cable. Can I get a cool-sweet?”   – Wayne Sz

Session Tracklisting
1. Thanks for Nothing, Becky Gelke
2. Sweetness
3. A Study in Perspective
4. Kiss Me in the City
5. Tell Me Lover
6. Bandages
7. Atrophy for Lethargy

Lansing, MI

Band Members
Andy Milad – Vocals and Guitar
Andrew Adams – Guitar
Kurt Roy – Bass
Nick Galli – Drums

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