Twin Forks

Twin Forks is an alternative, folk rock band based in Boca Raton, FL. The current project of singer-songwriter, Chris Carrabba, is a new take on a traditional sound. Carrabba’s signature treble is gutsy and pleasing especially when combined with strong backups from Kimmy Baranoski. Best known for his work in Further Seems Forever and Dashboard Confessional, Carrabba and the band have forgone punk influences in exchange for old country and roots musicians. Claimed to be his first and truest love, Carrabba has created a unique blend of his variety of musical heroes. More lyrically subtle but equally anthemic, the band puts on a riotous live show, putting the positive experience of fans as priority one. Their self-titled debut LP is fresh; chock full of foot-stomping tracks, melodic bass lines, and flashy sing-alongs.

Session Tracklisting
1. Can't Be Broken
2. Something We Just Know
3. Cross My Mind
4. Kiss Me Darling
5. Plans
6. Scraping up the Pieces
7. Back to You

Boca Raton, FL

Band Members
Chris Carrabba – Guitar and Vocals
Jonathan Clark – Bass and Backup vocals
Shawn Zorn – Drums
Kimmy Baranoski – Backup Vocals and Percussion
Kelsie Baranoski – Mandolin and Backup Vocals

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