Tiny Moving Parts

Tiny Moving Parts is a punk and math rock three-piece from the wilds of Minnesota. They’re a family band comprised of brothers and a close knit cousin who’ve been writing and playing together since junior high. Dylan Mattheisen has mastered an intense performance style; he sings, screams and flails over noodly, turbulent guitar work. The brothers Chevalier put forth a dominating rhythm presence to hold down the instrumental chaos. They function as a seamless machine; barreling through track after track with ease.

Tiny Moving Parts’ second full-length, “Pleasant Living” is a tour de force of mathematical rock. Mattheisen continues to write heavily emotional, personal lyrics but with enough melodious touch to catch any ear. They’ve cultivated a diehard following of their intensely tempestuous rock, proving night after night that passion and hardwork still have a payoff in an over-saturated industry.

Session Tracklist
1. Dakota
2. Always Focused
3. Clouds Above My Head
4. Sundress
5. Fair Trade
6. Vacation Bible School

Band Members
Dylan Mattheisen – Vocals and Guitar
Matt Chevalier – Vocals and Bass
Billy Chevalier – Drums

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For our friends who live in countries where YouTube is blocked, watch the session on Vimeo. 

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