Tiny Moving Parts

For our friends who live in countries where YouTube is blocked, watch the session on Vimeo.

Session Tracklist
1. Dakota
2. Always Focused
3. Clouds Above My Head
4. Sundress
5. Fair Trade
6. Vacation Bible School

Tiny Moving Parts is a punk and math rock three-piece from the wilds of Minnesota. They’re a family band comprised of brothers and a close knit cousin who’ve been writing and playing together since junior high. Dylan Mattheisen has mastered an intense performance style; he sings, screams and flails over noodly, turbulent guitar work. The brothers Chevalier put forth a dominating rhythm presence to hold down the instrumental chaos. They function as a seamless machine; barreling through track after track with ease.

Tiny Moving Parts’ second full-length, “Pleasant Living” is a tour de force of mathematical rock. Mattheisen continues to write heavily emotional, personal lyrics but with enough melodious touch to catch any ear. They’ve cultivated a diehard following of their intensely tempestuous rock, proving night after night that passion and hardwork still have a payoff in an over-saturated industry.

Band Members
Dylan Mattheisen – Vocals and Guitar
Matt Chevalier – Vocals and Bass
Billy Chevalier – Drums

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