The Wild Reeds


There are rules to harmony that have been mapped out to determine precise intervals between notes and the exact chord resolution to tie a verse together. Any musician can follow these rules to achieve mild success, but something will inevitably be missing. True harmony is a relationship, a kinship felt between musicians who’ve spent time together, who understand each other on a more emotional and spiritual level. The Wild Reeds have this in abundance.

The folk pop quintet is led by three women whose voices are effortlessly in sync with one another. Their individual, intertwining timbres bound across, under, and through one another to create complex vocal arrangements. Kinsey, Sharon and Mackenzie also share the role of lyricist, relying on one another to provide a dynamic detail or spot-on metaphor to fill out the song’s narrative. Their chemistry is undeniable, and their on-stage personas are genuine representations of the riveting, personal music they perform.

Watch The Wild Reeds play songs from their new release here on Audiotree Live.

Session Tracklist:
1. Everything Looks Better in Hindsight
2. Love Make a Fool
3. Let No Grief
4. What I Had in Mind
5. Where I'm Going

Band Members:

Kinsey D’Aquila – Guitar, Banjo, Harmonium, and Vocals
Mackenzie Howe – Guitar, Harmonium and Vocals
Sharon Silva – Guitar and Vocals
Nick Jones – Drums
Nick Phakpiseth – Bass

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