The O'My's

The O’ My’s, a group which was haphazardly conceived in the summer of 2007, have since become one of the most adored young bands from Chicago. The O’ My’s make music that garners comparisons to the soul and blues of Chicago’s past, yet the essence of the music is beyond pretension and their sound is far from contrived. Guitarist Maceo Vidal- Haymes and Pianist Nick Hennessey (who share songwriting and vocal duties) are the beating heart of The O’ My’s. The band can consist of anywhere from 4-10 members with Haymes and Hennessy being the only constant contributors.

On their 2008 mixtape Above The Influence the boys touch on a multitude of subjects ranging from misplaced hate to adolescent love, all while displaying their incredible pop sensibilities and innate ability for arrangement. In 2009 The O’ My’s were given the opportunity to travel to Austin, Texas for SXSW where they wowed fans with their unique sound and on-stage swagger. The boys have also played to packed houses at storied Chicago venues such as Subterranean, The Abbey Pub and Schubas Tavern. Currently they are hard at work on a follow-up to Above The Influence which finds the band delving even further into American roots music. -T. Schuba

Session Tracklist
1. Abusive
2. My House
3. New Love
4. Tom's Song
5. Go
6. No Crew
7. The Sun Is Shinin'
8. Nothin' From Nothin'
9. April 29th
10. April 29th Pt 2
11. Tryin'
12. Didn't I (Darondo)

Chicago, IL

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